About Anne McCormack
I first found my passion in natural therapies over 26 years ago whilst in London (UK). After attending an introductory course in Aromatherapy, and on returning to Australia, I completed a Diploma in Aromatherapy with Sylvia Barrett's NSW Academy of Clinical Aromatherapy and a Diploma in Remedial Massage with Nature Care College. During my time working as an Aromatherapist and Remedial Massage Therapist at Om Shanti (formerly Destiny) in Neutral Bay (Sydney) I became aware of my ability to feel the pain and emotions of others. On mentioning this strange revelation to one of the Mediums' reading in the store, I was taken to Chatswood Spiritualist Church where the development of my mediumship abilities flourished. My personal journey led me to studying Metaphysics and Parapsychology with Chiara College. My Aromatherapy and Remedial Massage repertoire grew to include Chakra Balancing, guided meditations and a stint as an in-store Tarot Reader for Om Shanti on Sundays. I have practised and presented courses and workshops throughout Sydney and I have been a guest speaker for the NSW YWCA Encore group for women coping with Breast Cancer. I have also conducted workshops on chakra and auric awareness for the Australian Acting Academy in Brisbane. My love of nature photography began when I moved to New Zealand back in 2011. Leading a very busy life, photography made me stop and take notice of the world around me (more about that a little later). It is something that has provided me with so much peace during challenging times. Feedback from friends and family on my images convinced me that the images captured also had a calming effect on those looking at my photos. I now have a decent number of photos in my portfolio and have decided to take the next step in terms of exhibiting them. I have also developed my own deck of cards which I hope to have available very soon.
What Is Peacock Dreaming?


For me, Peacock Dreaming is about me fulfilling my spiritual purpose in whatever form it presents itself. Dealing with life's challenges before relocating to New Zealand's South Island in 2011, life was a self-absorbed bubble sapped of hope and full of lacking. That is, until I started taking the time to look at the world around me. I started going for long walks. Instead of rushing around and trying to complete a distance as quickly as possible, I walked at a fairly leisurely place, taking the time to stop and appreciate the natural environment around me. The experience had a profound effect on my wellbeing and my home life. I went from dwelling on the challenges and issues (which made me feel frustrated, angry, disappointed and confused a lot of the time), to feeling a sense of gratitude, appreciative, contentment and joy. I went from focussing on what I did not have to feeling blessed. I now have a feeling that my homelife glass is half full instead of half empty. The impact upon my relationship with my partner also experienced a profound change. I was now appreciating the little things about my partner and was drawing his attention to my newfound simple pleasures. Now five years later, we are much healthier emotionally and mentally and we are living in the top of the South Island which is the ultimate paradise for both of us. We surround ourselves with happy, content people. We live in a rural paradise in the hills and spend much of our lives toiling with the animals, and the landscape. Not having as much free time of late has meant that my photography passion has expanded to taking in the simple yet complex beauty if plants around me. I have always had a keen interest in the therapeutic healing properties of plants and flowers. I found myself attracted to learning more about Maori herbal medicine and NZ native flower essences. My studies with the First Light school, has enhanced my clairsentience and I have found myself receiving insights and messages from flowers just as I had done all those years ago when I underwent some mediumship training with a Sydney spiritualist church. So here I am, at the present time, with stirring photographs of landscapes and plants which have soul stirring messages to be shared with the world, and feeling the push to get back out there to inspire a healing process within those around me. If I only ever help people find refuge from pain and suffering, and if I help people to see the beauty in day to day life, then I will have done a big part of what I am meant to do in this lifetime.
"Fear The Fear and Do It Anyway" During a meditation, my Guidance responded with that saying when I expressed that I was scared about putting myself out there in respect to my intuitive work. When pondering what I am meant to be doing with this spiritual work, and how do I work with being sensitive, to be quite frank with you, it has been like fumbling around the with the lights off, and you know what that means. Generally you end up coming into the light with your shirt on inside out and back to front! Having lived in a taupe and charcoal corporate world for many years, being valued and accepted professionally by my peers is something that I covet dearly. My fear is that if I re-open this pandora's box, I may end up back in a situation where my employer does not take me seriously. I am haunted by a memory of one occasion where I blurted out a warning to one particular manager about hurting his back whilst gardening. I told him that I saw him lifting rocks and I felt a lot of pain. He looked at me like I had lost the plot. The following Tuesday, he bustled over to me asking what I had done to him because he had hurt his back on the weekend whilst lifting pavers. This experience made him rather cautious of me following that experience. Many years later, after having gone through years of university study and after having worked as a construction project manager for a good fifteen years or so, I find myself standing on the edge of the cliff. On one hand, I want to be open with who I am. However, there tends to be a fine line when it comes to speaking freely about seeing, feeling and hearing things that others around me do not necessarily experience. Copyright Anne McCormack 2017