Rohrig Deck It is the present moment that most greatly influences our spiritual path, not the past and not the future. The past and future only influence our present state of mind as we dwell on both. The present is dependent on the choices we make in the here and now. We truly have the power to transform our lives from negativity to positivity – but we must choose to take the necessary action to make this happen. It is not enough to have somebody sit and tell you that wonderful things are going to happen. During a reading with Anne McCormack you will be given a snap shot of where you are at in the present moment, your challenges (be they emotional, mental or physical), a metaphysical understanding of them and how you may work towards transcending those challenges, and the abundant opportunities that surround you. Often Spirit Guides pop in for a visit to remind you that you are not walking alone along your spiritual path – they speak to you, provide descriptions of themselves, and offer direct words of hope and encouragement.
How Can I Arrange A Reading with Anne McCormack? Face to Face Reading in Nelson, New Zealand Anne is available for readings by appointment only within the Nelson and Richmond area. Click on the link below to book your reading. 30 minutes = $30 NZD
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Email Readings A simple way to get some insight concerning particular questions that is troubling you. You will require a photo of yourself. Per question = $30 NZD. Up to 3 questions per email
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